Saturday, 3 September 2011

Plans for World Domination

So, after a frankly self indulgent bit of tripe that some may (loosely) refer to as prose, I thought I should get down to business and let people know what I'd like to do with this site.

1. I've always been a big fan of the NFL draft, especially as it pertains to Michigan players.  So I'll be doing a breakdown after each game of the seniors (and key juniors) and how they performed.  Strengths, weaknesses, potenial moves up or down draft boards.

2. I'm also a bit of a stat geek.  It's one of the reasons I've always enjoyed baseball.  The incredible depth of baseball statistics, and the ease in finding them is incredible.  But while you can certainly find your usual football numbers anywhere, the more in depth numbers are very difficult or even impossible to find.  So I'm going to attempt to track them.  Run after catch, yards after contact, completion percentage on short, medium, long throws, etc, etc, etc.  Probably overly ambitious, but I'm going to attempt to not only track and post the more in depth numbers, but eventually I hope to get a database together so people can pull up any player, season, or stat and find what they want.

3. I've always felt that the goal of any site should be to build a community of users.  A community that comes to check the message board even when there isn't new site content because they've made friends and enjoy discussing thing with them.  Along those lines, I'll be introducing a message board at some point. 

4. And obviously as many well researched and (hopefully) well written articles as I have time for.

It will likely be slow going to get these things up at first.  But I hope people will continue to check back and stick with me as I attempt to get this thing up and running.

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