Friday, 16 September 2011

Draft Analysis - Week Two

Mike Martin, defensive tackle: good initial punch....displays great agility for the position....slashed into the backfield on a couple of occasions....showed good power move to push blocker into backfield on a couple pass plays....dropped into coverage well....used hands well....playcalling didn't help him in this game....stood up to double teams, but didn't split them and was often sealed....not one of his better games

Ryan Van Bergen, defensive end/defensive tackle: showed good power move to dip get leverage and dip past defender on pass rush....mostly faced single blocking and did not get as much penetration as you'd like to see....played both 3 Tech DT and 5 Tech DE....will fight to get playside of blocking

Kevin Koger, tight end: catch in traffic showed nice concentration and hands....showed improved ability to in line block at the LOS....did a good job blocking in space....was able to double team with tackles effectively....displayed good footwork and had usage as blocker

Junior Hemingway, wide receiver: displayed fantastic ability to high point the ball....showed great hands on jump balls....always fights for extra yardage after catch....displayed better speed than expected on long run after catch....big body allows him to box out most CB's and safeties....when the ball is in the air it's his....great game

David Molk, center: showed better strength in power run game....consistently got position to wall his man off....seemed to push larger NT's at least a yard or two off the LOS on a regular basis....initial punch looked good....footwork in pass protection is excellent.  Never allowed his man to get near QB....missed a couple opportunities at the second level....showed the ability to pull effectively....despite some thoughts to the contrary, he played a very good game and may have answered some questions about his abilities in a power scheme

Mark Huyge, right tackle: technique has improved....not an elite athlete....adequate in pass protection....does not get much push in the run game....footwork is slow....does not get get great hip sink against the pass average Big 10 starter

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