Saturday, 24 September 2011

Michigan Wolverines vs. San Diego State Aztecs

First a quick note.  I've decided to do the draft analysis every other week.  It doesn't make much sense to do it weekly since the chances of major changes are minimal.

Now, SDSU.  This could be a tough game and it's one that scared me prior to the season.  I haven't seen much so far to change that opinion.  SDSU primarily relies on RB Ronnie Hillman for their offensive production.  QB Ryan Lindley is an experienced player that hasn't had the start some expected but can can hot at any time.  The Michigan defense will be tested in this one.  Holding Hillman to around 100 yards would be a win in my mind (also possibly a minor miracle).  If the Wolverines can do that or better they likely win this game.  If Hillman starts getting to the outside with regularity this could be a long game for the defense.

Offensively Michigan should be able to move the ball well against Rocky Long's 3-3-5, although Long actually knows how to run a 3-3-5 so that will be a new thing for the fans.  To see how the 3-3-5 probably should have looked over the last few years, watch the SDSU defense.

The receivers should be able to dominate, but Denard Robinson also needs to be able to get them the ball.  I don't think SDSU can match up physically with the Wolverines, but another bad passing day from Robinson could keep this one close.

Michigan Wolverines 34 - SDSU 27

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