Friday, 16 September 2011

Michigan Wolverines vs. Eastern Michigan Eagles

John T. Greilick, The Detroit News

Eastern shouldn't be much of a problem this week, and Michigan should primarily be using this game to figure out some issues.  So just some things to look for:

-Rush defense: The Wolverines have obviously had some issues defending the run so far this season, though they looked better in the second half after some personnel changes.  Eastern has run the ball well so far, but they've also been playing the football equivalent of Cypher, the mutant superhero who has the loosely defined "power" to understand any language he comes across.  Basically what I'm saying is the teams aren't that good.  But it's a good chance for Michigan to work on some things.

-Rush Offense: Michigan has averaged 152 YPG and 5.8 YPC so far this year so it's not like the Wolverines have been struggling on the ground.  Unfortunately, outside of Denard Robinson a truly explosive or even realiable running back has yet to emerge.  Stephen Hopkins does not appear explosive enough to carry the load full time.  Fitzgerald Toussaint and Michael Shaw have both shown big play ability but they're also founding members of the X-Ray Men ba dum bum, so they aren't really reliable from game to game.  Michigan will likely look to get some other backs carries this week and shore up some of the bloxking schemes.  Look for a lot of I form and power football.

-Denard's Passing: Obviously Denard struggled against ND.  I think we all know that he isn't the greatest passer in the country, but he definately has to do better than last week.  He simply can't miss open receivers.  Look for more short and intermediate throws this week and hopefully some improved accuracy and decision making by Denard.

Michigan Wolverines 38 - Eastern Michigan Eagles 13

Yes, I'm predicting that Michigan kicks an actual field goal, which will likely mean the universe and all reality will collapse around us in a brilliant swirl of nothingness.  Imagine driving through Columbus only with less truckers.  But at least Michigan will end the season undefeated. So, there's that.

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